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Crash the shimmering glass...

Through Blue Eyes Faded to Grey

The mirror tells me secrets
stories, from very far away
of hidden places, treasures
behind the bright light of the day
she tries to show the true world
through blue eyes faded to grey

Staring in the mirror
i try to lift the veil
try to understand what lies behind
the bitter shades of pale

The mirror whispers softly
sweet words of happiness
sings about a world out there
where there's no loneliness
she tries to tell the story
through ears appearing deaf


Heart wisdom knows everything
happening in my life.
I hold thoughts of you.
It takes compassion to connect with
a higher perspective.
The older I become the more
I trust my higher heart to tell me
what I need to know.
I trust that I’ll receive what I require
when I need it.
Abundance is
feeling my needs are taken care and
all is well.

Calm after the Storm

Look into the mirror
for fears,
so you aren’t led
down the frightful path
of others.
Soul connection is light
vibration that fills the heart
until it can no longer be contained
and spills over.
May it seek lighthouses
that shine strong during
inclement weather unleashed on
rugged shores.
May it soothe emotions that
lash out and have no bounds.
May it help
the sleepy collective move
through the mist to find
the morning sun.
On the beach,
I pick up pieces of my soul

The Iris

The Iris

Like after rain,
Like in spring,
In the Heart of the Eye

Like a radio tower,
Like an antenna,
In the Heart of the Eye

In the Heart of the Eye
lies a treasure,
a miracle,
a flower,
The Iris

Make that Heart shine
like the sun
like a flame,
and it will bloom

Bring that heart to life
with attention
follow your dreams
and it will bloom

All Just One

Was feeling a bit out of sorts on my way to my morning meditation spot by the lake today. Cued up an Openhand video and it reset my day. Was reflecting on the message of the One while witnessing the unity of nature and this writing came. Thanks Open..

All Just One

Will the tree forsake the ground
Or the tides outlive the moon
Can the music claim the sound
Or time leave much too soon

Do our shadows all have names
Does light long for the sun
Will the fire burn the flames
Or is it all just one

Mini Gallery

Hello. I hope this is okay to post art here. I've been waking up a lot with urges to paint and not really knowing what I'm doing but my friends think that I'm actually telling a story without realising it. This morning I got up at 5 and [I think] completed the 'story' and it's only now coming together. As it forms a sequence I thought I'd share them. It only makes sense now that it's completed!

First off was the world we live in, it's rampant chaos swirling with so little to anchor it.


That led me to my own interior strife

The Mask Takes Over

It is not a simple peace
when no means yes and yes means no.
I can’t speak on this for
there is no definition except edgy feelings.
They flow like a river of expectations
bordered by emotional boundaries.

I put on my mask of personal truths.
It protects me for awhile
until it becomes too bold.
Locking in shadow fears, risks scare me.
I withdraw further into my mask until
the pull of internal betrayal
becomes so strong, the mask takes over.

New Song/Poem

Ive been collaborating with a local musician, putting my words to music. We have 6 songs completed from some of my older poetry. This has me writing again, for first time in months, and it feels incredible to tap into that creative flow again. Wrote this the other day and thought I would share.. This is the first time I have written with a song in mind. The chorus we usually do together, so that is unfinished. Hope to meet some other musicians along the way as well. This is a series of questions from the journey.

Deep in the Mystery

Flow of Infinity

Steps of one after another,
feet surrender into action.
Crunching through misty
cold invigorates one
with enjoyment, peace and being.

Sunrise and the overhead flight of
ravens bring me to present moment.
Consciousness and
enjoyment of being here
manifests as joy. Flows through me,
grounds into the earth’s heart and back again.
Deep feelings of aliveness connect
in a background of activity.

Saving Self

I am here
the creator of my life
looking through tears.
Fractals flash
sparkles of joy.
Accepting variations
for what they are,
nuances settle soul deep.

You and I, forerunners, we are here.
If we don’t focus on positive
where will our path lead?
Open the door of dreams that shine,
“I am enough, I am worthy, I save myself.”
In doing so, we save the world.
The time is now
Joy is the vibration.
Save yourself. Shine on.

After Surrender The Path Least Taken

I am looking for a path that
stays hidden. Although the sun is shinning,
I am enticed into unconsciousness by interesting tidbits.
Waking from the spell of distraction, I search
with focused attention, and
turn to gain new perspective.

Straight ahead there is a break in the trees
with blue sky spilling into a path.
Was it there all this time?