Sein interview with Open (formerly Chris Bourne) April 2010

Here is an insightful podcast interview with Open (formerly Chris Bourne) by "Sein", the online German news site. From his own direct experience, Open offers profound insight into the evolutionary journey. He discusses various topics such as the difference between Awakening and Enlightenment and why there is often so much confusion in the spiritual world. He offers a helpful perspective on distortions and the pitfalls during the spiritual journey.

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I was listening to it on my way to work...It's great to have such talks/interviews/monologs to listen to when you can't read or watch (like bus or while driving a car).

Sometimes I feel I really need something like this and today it was a pleasure to hear this interview.

It's interesting that reading, watching and hearing are very differently "absorbed", the effect is very different and I think it's important to get the "right" stuff through all the channels, also touching the flowers or the ground, other people (not too much ;)

The "right" stuff for me is the one you feel you need at the moment...maybe something inspiring, something to resonate with, to discover yourself in...

And I'd like to say that the voices are so calming, both voices, I felt that there was no argument, no fight, no resistance from both sides, it's such a rare thing to hear such a harmonic dialog, like two people support and inspire each other... no matter if they agree or see things the same way...

I really enjoyed,

I really enjoy the interview, there is only one thing that I feel not resonating with.

I know that by saying Gaia you mean force, energy, but it just cuts my ear every time I hear it. For me it's like saying God. I feel that these words have become kind of overused and misused and lost there kernel, there inner force.

And another thing is the idea itself:

I also feel that changes are happening, at least as the projection of my inner changes (which likely is the only thing happening).

But I see it more as natural forces, like in chemical reactions - the system wants to be balanced. Once it's out of balance it wants to get back there. Since our system is never reaching it's equillibrium and constantly is shaken out of it, it all the time keeps balancing to find a local equillibrium - there are some levels of stability, like meta-stable states.

Clearly the surrounding is very unstable, I think everybody can sense the activation. So this activation is not a problem, it's not caused by us, humans, it's just a natural activation barrier the world needs to pass to reach the next stable state, which was meant to happen.

It happens that we are the molecules that are bringing the energy to the system to pass to the next level.

No Gaia, which we caused troubles to, no rebalancing itself back to some place from the past, but absolutely perfect flow (including all the so-called "damage" we are doing).

I really feel that all that is happening is planned to happen, it's decoded in the whole system. But we are bringing the change. We just don't understand what's going on and each one of us is interpreting it in his own way.

Anyway, that's what I feel is going on..

I listened to this a while back but not much really sank in, however after listening again today, more and more becomes clear to me on a personal level... I got it from the film as well, but in my recent personal experiences Im FEELING the crucial meaning of holding that open space to FEEL the moment regardless of circumstances, NO MATTER WHAT. Also to KNOW the Universe through our experiences is giving us what we need to expand is a wonderful way to see life as exercise in acceptance, within that pause(which I personally enjoy exercise).... for several days last week I was learning alot about opposing consciousness, I even turned to my "super intelligent" friend Lei... he thought I should go to Chris, however it became clear that I didnt need to, so I dove right in, and these controlling or whatever you call them attempts by society that has conditioned us all arent the threat they may seem, so then their by-product conditioning cant hold much water either... in fact its the opposite, they are he first experience/step to freedom... I know I LOVE, I know how I FEEL, and yet in stillness other things come up in myself, the out of alignments so to speak, Well those are my signals what exercise Im gonna do, and as far as opposing consciousness goes, all their systems are breaking down anyway so they show me that with all the time and control theyve had THIS IS ALL THEY GOT, they are not any stronger than the conditioning we experience, which when you FEEL your love, and act with your true self they disappear on the spot. Great radio talk Chris, as well as everything you say and write, helping point to the door, its really really beautiful...